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For being a somewhat smaller city tucked away in the southwestern part of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh has played host to some pretty incredible innovations. For example, self-driving car technology continues to be tested and refined using our streets and our, eh, creative city layout. Then there’s CMU, the most likely place in the world for an indestructible evil robot to be created.

While robots and self-driving vehicles are great, there’s a new innovation in Pittsburgh that is actually going to benefit those of us who live here in a pretty yummy way. We’re called Caboodle, and we’re going to change the way you think about shopping by delivering your groceries right to your door.

Our grocery delivery service is still in its testing phase, and since we’re a Pittsburgh-based startup, we figured this is a great place to test.

Who Should Use Our Grocery Delivery Service?

The short answer is “anybody who wants to.” While there are already a few grocery delivery services out there in the wild, they’re mostly cost prohibitive and, honestly, not really up to our standards in terms of quality of service. The idea is that you’re supposed to think that having your groceries delivered is a luxury for those who can afford it. We say phooey to that.

One thing the pandemic (we know, we’re sick of talking about it, too) showed us is that there are a lot of things that we can, and many that we should, just do from home. For instance, working from home has become a regular part of many modern careers, and e-commerce has made a gigantic impact on retail in the past couple of years. So why should we continue to force ourselves into weekly trips to the grocery store?

For busy moms and dads, grocery delivery can be just what you need to catch your breath for a moment. Students who don’t have their own transportation, or grandparents who are too busy enjoying their retirement to waste time shopping, these are just some examples of the folks who can benefit from grocery delivery.

With Caboodle, we’ve found a way to make grocery delivery easier, more affordable, and just all around more accessible than ever. And we think that anybody who’s interested should have the chance to give it a try.

How Can Grocery Delivery Be Cheaper?

So you might be thinking something along the lines of “hold up, how could this actually be cheaper?” We stand by that claim, though. Grocery delivery in Pittsburgh can actually be cheaper than going to the store and shopping.

We do this by using bundles. You see, we get discounts on various products through quantity deals and the like, so we can offer them to you more cheaply than you’ll find them in stores. That means that, yes, Caboodle can absolutely be cheaper than going to the store!

How Does Ordering Groceries for Delivery Work?

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Caboodle takes an app-based approach to shopping. That means you’ll have to have a smartphone. For the moment, our app only works on iPhones, but we do plan on porting over to Android, as well, before the end of 2022.

In the app, you’ll choose bundles of groceries across 12 different categories that represent the various aisles in a grocery store. That means you can get a full array of foods, from dairy to cereal to proteins and veggies and more.

Best of all, putting together your weekly list only takes 6 minutes, rather than more than an hour to drive to the store and go shopping. So not only are you saving money with grocery delivery, you’re also saving time!

Grocery Delivery is NOT Good For People Who…

Okay, so we can admit that Caboodle’s grocery delivery service isn’t for everybody. For instance, if you love going to the grocery store and overpaying for things, then this is not for you. If you use your weekly trip to the store as an excuse to park your car near the end of the parking lot and listen to classic rock at unreasonable volumes before actually going in and shopping, we can’t help you.

Also, due to the bundle nature of our groceries, we’re probably not for anybody who’s a gourmet chef or someone who’s really glued to particular brands. For example, you’ll find delicious granola bars available on our app, but they’re not always going to be a specific brand of granola bars.

How to Join Caboodle In Pittsburgh

We're a startup in Pittsburgh, PA with the vision to make grocery shopping simple and accessible for everybody. We think that picking up a week's worth of groceries shouldn't have to be a stressful experience that leaves you pulling your hair out and throwing nervous looks at your quickly depleting grocery budget.

If you’re somebody who lives in Pittsburgh and you like the idea of having your groceries delivered, then we invite you download our app today.

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