The problems with food delivery apps

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Food delivery apps are amazing. Well, in theory at least. Sometimes we're too busy to go out and pick up lunch, or we're not feeling well. And you know what? Sometimes we're just feeling lazy, and we don't feel like getting dressed and driving anywhere, and that's totally okay.

A lot of the time, we just haven't gone grocery shopping recently and the fridge is looking a little bare. Can you blame us? Grocery shopping sucks.

Whatever the reason, having access to a food delivery app can be a total dream. Except, a lot of the time that dream can turn into a nightmare real quick.

Let's take a look at some of the ways that food delivery apps are the absolute worst.

Food Delivery Costs Too Much

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We've all been there. We just want to order a coffee and a sandwich on a food delivery app, and it ends up costing $36 somehow. There are service fees and tips, and then the items themselves are marked up on the app. What should have just been a quick snack ends up being the price of a full dinner because you didn't have the time to get it yourself.

Before you know it, you're paying way too much money for a convenience. At some point, the cost just isn't worth it anymore and you end up either going without your food or going to pick it up anyways.

Food App Deliveries Are Often Totally Wrong

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How many times have you ordered something from a food delivery app and gotten the completely wrong thing? Or maybe just certain aspects of the order are wrong. Like maybe you're a vegetarian and you asked for tofu, but when you opened the container all you saw was chicken.

Sure, you'll probably get your money back. But you won't get that hour of your life back, and now you're still hungry because you can't eat what the driver delivered to you. Speaking of which...

Food App Deliveries Can Take Forever

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It's been over an hour since you placed the order. The driver has been on their way to you for at least ten minutes, and it looks like their car is even further away than when it started on the app's tracking screen. Oh wait, they're making another stop along the way.

By the time the food gets there, it's cold and gross.

And when it comes to other grocery delivery apps like Instacart, just forget it. Using their in-store picker in real time is such a pain in the behind and takes so long that you might as well have just gone to the store.

This is the modern reality of food delivery apps. They're more popular than ever, but there aren't enough drivers to handle all the deliveries. So everybody ends up waiting longer. And longer. And...longer.

The bottom line is that food delivery apps are more of a pain than they're worth. Unless you're somebody with limitless money, all the time in the world, and who doesn't mind eating cold, sloppy food, we think you deserve better.

Caboodle Grocery Delivery Beats All Food Delivery Apps

When it comes to food apps, Caboodle beats everybody else on all fronts.

First of all, it costs less. By ordering your groceries through Caboodle, you're actually saving money over going to the store. There aren't any hidden service fees or any of that junk. You pay one flat weekly fee, pick your groceries, and have them delivered to your door. Bam. Done.

Also, you'll save money by always having a full pantry. There just won't be any need to Grubhub yourself a sandwich.

And finally, Caboodle Groceries are always delivered on time and for free. You won't spend any more time sitting around and agonizing while waiting for your driver to arrive. And yes, everything will be completely fresh when you get it.

Does that sound amazing to you? Great! If you're interested in Caboodle Groceries, and you live in the Pittsburgh area, be sure to download our app today.

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