How to get groceries delivered, and why you should want to

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There are people out there who love going to the grocery store. They like the wild no-holds-barred chaos of the parking lot. They enjoy navigating a shopping cart through a press of people while one of the wheels only seems to want to go to the left. They maybe even like feeling as though they can't stop and look at the shelves without causing a disturbance in the flow of foot traffic.

Hey, don't look at us. We don't get it either.

For the rest of us, we'd do just about anything to not have to go grocery shopping. Especially not on a Sunday. Eugh.

That's why we started Caboodle Groceries. We know that there has to be an alternative to throwing away an hour or more every week just to go be miserable in a grocery store. We thought "wow, wouldn't it be great if there was an affordable way to get groceries delivered straight to our homes?"

Turns out we were right.

The Key Word is "Affordable"

Affordability is the primary driver behind Caboodle Groceries. Sure, there are other services out there that deliver groceries, but they cost a wing and a leg. They're just not realistic solutions for the majority of people.

So we set out to make a grocery delivery service that's accessible to everybody. We do this by bundling items in a way that ends up often being even cheaper than in-store shopping.

The Benefits of Grocery Delivery

There are other benefits to having your groceries delivered beyond just escaping the crowds. The first benefit is that you get that time back to do with as you please. Maybe you want to watch a movie instead of head out to the grocery store. Well, with a delivery service like Caboodle Groceries, you can.

Then there's the fact that Caboodle Groceries is often cheaper than going to the store and shopping. Sure, time is money, but money is money, too. Now you can save a little bit of both.

Then there's the benefit of not being overwhelmed for choice while people are trying to nudge their shopping carts past you. No people reaching their arms an inch past your face to grab a jar of alfredo sauce. You get the picture.

In fact, checkout on the Caboodle Groceries app just takes 6 minutes, and that's it. You make your choices across 12 categories of groceries and boom you're done. It really is that simple.

About Caboodle Groceries

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We're a startup in Pittsburgh, PA with the vision to make grocery shopping simple and accessible for everybody. We think that picking up a week's worth of groceries shouldn't be a stressful experience that leaves you gritting your teeth and thinking unhappy thoughts.

Right now, we're in the testing phase in Pittsburgh. If you're also in the Steel City, and getting groceries delivered straight to your door while saving time and money sounds like a great idea, we invite you to download our app today.

Trust us, you're in for a deliciously convenient experience.

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