How to save money with grocery delivery

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Groceries can cost a lot of money. In fact, the average monthly grocery bill for a household of 2 is between $458 and $838 a month, according to OneMain Financial. If you're adding a child into that household, get ready to add hundreds more depending on the child's age

That's a lot of dough, and not the kind you can make into a pizza. So how can you save money on groceries? Well, with delivery of course. Specifically, you can save money by using Caboodle to have your groceries brought straight to your door.

What Is Caboodle?

Caboodle is a grocery delivery service that partners with local grocery stores in order to bring you the best selection and prices on groceries. That means you're still enjoying the high quality groceries from the brands that you trust. You're just getting them without having to leave your home, which can save you a lot of time and money.

How Does Caboodle's Grocery Delivery Save You Money?

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There are a few ways that using Caboodle to have your groceries delivered can save you money.

The first way is through our bundling system. You see, we let you put together your grocery lists from a massive combination of bundles spread out to represent every aisle of a grocery store. You get your proteins and fruits and veggies and more, all carefully curated to make sure you're getting the best.

By bundling, the prices of individual items are lower and, ultimately, you get everything for a lower price than if you were to go to the store and buy them separately.

The second way is that you're less likely to impulse buy when you're not in the store surrounded by temptation. When you can't just pop something into your cart on a whim, you're more likely to stick to your core needs - and your budget.

Okay, But How Much Does Delivery Cost?

With Caboodle Groceries, delivery is always free. That means you'll never have to pay extra to have your groceries brought straight to your door. Even better, it's always on time.

Caboodle Grocery Delivery Saves You Time, Too

Putting together your grocery orders only takes 6 minutes. Yes, really. That means instead of spending an hour or more at the grocery store, you can be in and out of Caboodle in less than ten minutes - and that includes the time it takes to watch a funny YouTube video before you put your phone away.

So How Much Does Caboodle Cost?

Caboodle's grocery delivery costs $99, and you get up to $120 worth of groceries. Like we mentioned earlier, that also includes the free delivery to your home.

However, if you want even cheaper groceries, you can join the waitlist and enjoy your first four weeks at $50 a week!

How Can You Use Caboodle?

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