The worst day of the week to grocery shop

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Have you ever gone to the grocery store on a Saturday afternoon to pick up a few things, and then spent the next 45 minutes trapped in the store waiting to checkout and go home? Of course you have. This is the grocery shopping experience in a nutshell, as American as apple pie and frat guys on the lacrosse team.

While grocery shopping is almost always just a really unpleasant experience, we wanted to talk about the absolute worst day of the week to go to the store.

Saturday Is the Worst Day to Go Grocery Shopping

Most people simply don't have the time to do their grocery shopping during the weekdays. Traditional work schedules have us earning our paychecks during the daytime hours, and then we want to spend time with our families and/or watch schlocky TV detective shows until it's time for lights out.

With that in mind, it follows that Saturday is when the big grocery store push happens. Between let's say 11 AM and 3:30 PM, every household is sending their representatives out to battle for produce, proteins, soaps, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc.

If you have the misfortune of haplessly wandering on down to the store in this timeframe on a Saturday, you're in trouble.

Picture one of those big-budget medieval war movies like Braveheart. You have two sides of bloodthirsty, grimacing warriors numbering in the thousands. In this metaphor, one side is all of the people going to get their groceries, and the other side is all of the fresh produce and delicious foods and essentials waiting for the charge, knowing full well that their days are numbered.

Somewhere in the back is a person wearing a skillet for a hat and holding a stick and wondering how the heck they ended up here. That's you when you accidentally think you can just go down to the store on a Saturday and pick up some blueberries.

Sunday Is Also the Worst Day to Go Grocery Shopping

Of course, we're not telling you anything new here. You already know that Saturday is the absolute worst day to go grocery shopping. The problem is that a quadzillion other people also know that, which is why Sunday is actually the worst day to go grocery shopping.

Not only are you dealing with the crowds of people who didn't go Saturday because they wanted to avoid the crowds, but you're also battling with the people who just plain forgot to do their shopping and have suddenly realized that the weekend is about to be over.

This last type of shopper is the most frightening. Their fervor is fueled by desperation. Their eyes are wild, their mouths are frothy, and their panicked grips are like iron clamps on the handles of shopping carts. Fun fact: last-minute shoppers are the #1 cause for broken carts. That might not actually be true, but it sure seems like it could be.

It's Always the Best Day to Go Shopping With Caboodle

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Imagine if grocery shopping could be done each week in just 6 minute's time from the comfort of your own home. Seems like an impossible dream, right? Well, that's exactly what we're doing here at Caboodle.

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If you're somebody who lives in Pittsburgh and who's had enough of battling the crowds on grocery shopping day, then download our app right below this paragraph. It will change the way you think of shopping.

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